Vol 46, No 2/3 (2018)

Table of Contents

Peirce’s garden of forking metaphors PDF
Aleksandar Feodorov 188-215
Impossibly good looks: A pragma-ontological approach to unearthing the latent rhetorical structure of anti-ageing advertising discourse PDF
George Rossolatos 216-254
A post-structuralist revised Weil–Lévi-Strauss transformation formula for conceptual value-fields PDF
James B. Harrod 255-281
Financial discourse of the 2007–2008 crisis: From unpredictability and explosion to predictability PDF
Griselda Zárate, Homero Zambrano 282-293
GIFs as floating signifiers PDF
Camelia Gradinaru 294-318
Urban ecosemiotics of trees: Why the ecological alien species paradigm has not gained ground in cities? PDF
Riin Magnus, Tiit Remm 319-342
Giorgio Prodi and the lower threshold of semiotics PDF
Umberto Eco 343-351
Umberto Eco on the biosemiotics of Giorgio Prodi PDF
Kalevi Kull 352-364
Animal language before Sebeok PDF
Umberto Eco 365-377
Eco’s “latratus canis”: A memory of the backstage PDF
Costantino Marmo 378-382
A study by Umberto Eco and his colleagues on the history of early zoosemiotics: Commentary and bibliography PDF
Kalevi Kull 383-391

Reviews and Notes

About the (semiotic) limits of the human language: Discussing the case of Pirahã PDF
Ekaterina Velmezova 392-397
The 38th Albi–Moissac Colloquium of French semioticians: Living beings and their environment PDF
Pauline Delahaye 398-400
Founding of the French Zoosemiotics Society PDF
Pauline Delahaye 401-402