Vol 45, No 1/2 (2017)

Special issue: A. J. Greimas – a life in semiotics

Guest editors: Remo Gramigna, Andrius Grigorjevas, Silvi Salupere

Table of Contents

A. J. Greimas: The perfection of imperfection PDF
Andrius Grigorjevas, Remo Gramigna, Silvi Salupere 7-15
Relationalism: From Greimas to hyperstructuralism PDF
Franciscu Sedda 16-32
The semiotics of A. J. Greimas: A European intellectual heritage seen from the inside and the outside PDF
Eero Tarasti 33-53
Praxis and enunciation: Greimas, heir of Saussure PDF
Jacques Fontanille 54-69
The clash of semiotic civilizations PDF
Massimo Leone 70-87
Signs and figures: Some remarks about Greimas’ theory of the figurative PDF
Paolo Bertetti 88-103
A. J. Greimas’ historical lexicology (1945–1958) and the place of the lexeme in his work PDF
Thomas F. Broden 104-119
The impossibility of immanence: A contemporary perspective on Algirdas Julius Greimas’ Maupassant PDF
Dalia Satkauskytė 120-136
Methodological issues and prospects of semiotics of humour PDF
Dmitrij Gluscevskij 137-151
Plastic semiotics: From visuality to all the senses PDF
Gintautė Žemaitytė 152-161
Four ways of triadic ‘sign-ness’ on two semiotic squares PDF
Herman Tamminen 162-180
Interpreting “The Snow Queen”: A comparison of two semantic universes PDF
Tatjana Pilipoveca 181-193

Reviews and Notes

Umberto Eco and John Deely: What they shared PDF
Kalevi Kull 194-204