Vol 44, No 1/2 (2016)

Special issue: Framing nature and culture

Guest editors: Lauri Linask, Riin Magnus

Table of Contents

Introduction: Framing nature and culture PDF
Lauri Linask, Riin Magnus 8-11
Urban discourse – city space, city language, city planning: Eco-semiotic approaches to the discourse analysis of urban renewal PDF
Ernest W. B. Hess-Lüttich 12-33
Textualities of the city – from the legibility of urban space towards social and natural others in planning PDF
Tiit Remm 34-52
Hedge mazes and landscape gardens as cultural boundary objects PDF
Katarzyna Kaczmarczyk, Montana Salvoni 53-68
The circle and the maze: Two images of ecosemiotics PDF
Matthew Clements 69-93
Multiplicity and Welt PDF
Yogi Hale Hendlin 94-110
The biosemiotics of Aldo Leopold PDF
Rebecca C. Potter 111-127
Against the Frame PDF
Wojciech Kalaga 128-147
Literature as a defining trait of the human umwelt: From and beyond Heidegger PDF
Pierre-Louis Patoine, Jonathan Hope 148-163
Agrarian rituals giving way to Romantic motifs: Sacred natural sites in Estonia PDF
Ott Heinapuu 164-185
Documentary and ecosemiotics: Frames and faces in the work of Johan van der Keuken PDF
Hing Tsang 186-208
Semiotic dimensions of human attitudes towards other animals: A case of zoological gardens PDF
Nelly Mäekivi, Timo Maran 209-230
Ecosemiotic aspects of zoomorphic metaphors: The human as a predator PDF
Ariel Gómez Ponce 231-247

Reviews and Notes

On semiotic (un)predictability: Tartu Summer School of Semiotics 2015 PDF
Ekaterina Velmezova 248-250
Rethinking theoretical schools and circles in the 20th-century humanities PDF
Remo Gramigna 251-254
Alexandr Levich (1945–2016) and the Tartu–Moscow Biosemiotic Nexus PDF
Kalevi Kull 255-266
My half-century saturated in semiotics: A spiralling confessional PDF
Myrdene Anderson 267-288