Vol 43, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

Semiosis and ‘meaning as use’: The indispensability and insufficiency of subjectivity in the action of signs PDF
John Deely 7-28
Symptom without transcendental syntax PDF
Rahman Veisi Hasar 29-47
(Religious) belief and atheism from a semiotic viewpoint PDF
Peet Lepik 48-76
On spatial modelling PDF
Leonid Tchertov 77-101
Semiosic translation: A new theoretical framework for the implementation of pedagogically-oriented subtitling PDF
Sergio Torres Martínez 102-130
Language and political reality: George Orwell reconsidered PDF
Suren Zolyan 131-149

Reviews and Notes

Review of Narrative by Paul Cobley PDF
Harri Veivo 150-152