Vol 42, No 2/3 (2014)

Special issue: Sign evolution on multiple time scales

Table of Contents

Sign evolution on multiple time scales. Introductory comments PDF
Kristian Tylén, Luis Emilio Bruni 169-171
The growth of signs PDF
Winfried Nöth 172-192
Conceptual change and development on multiple time scales: From incremental evolution to origins PDF
Joel Parthemore 193-218
The textuality of diagonal ornamentation: Historical transformations of signification from the Baltic perspective PDF
Vytautas Tumėnas 219-240
Fitting issues: The visual representation of time in family tree diagrams PDF
Marilyn Mitchell 241-280
The ontogeny of the embryonic, foetal and infant human umwelt PDF
Morten Tønnessen 281-307
Graphic design production as a sign PDF
María del Rosario Restrepo Boada 308-329
Where semiosis begins when reading a text: On event perception PDF
Gisela Bruche-Schulz 330-358
On the embedded cognition of non-verbal narratives PDF
Luis Emilio Bruni, Sarune Baceviciute 359-375
The role of trust in binding the perspectives of guide dogs and their visually impaired handlers PDF
Riin Magnus 376-398

Jakob von Uexküll Lecture

The carrying: Material frames and immaterial meanings PDF
Wendy Wheeler 399-411

Reviews and Notes

Diagrams, narratives and ‘reality’ PDF
Frederik Stjernfelt 412-416
Applying Peirce in Tallinn and Helsinki PDF
Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen 417-420