Vol 41, No 2/3 (2013)

Table of Contents

Preface. Montage principle and the semiotics of culture PDF
Tomi Huttunen 163-166
Точка – пафос – тотальность [Point – pathos – totality] PDF
Михаил [Mikhail] Ямпольский [Yampolsky] 167-186
Метрический монтаж: к теории полиметрических композиций [Metrical montage: On the theory of polymetrical compositions] PDF
Михаил [Mihhail] Лотман [Lotman] 187-199
From stage to brain: Montage as a new principle of scientific narrative PDF
Oksana Bulgakowa 200-218
Montage in Russian Imaginism: Poetry, theatre and theory PDF
Tomi Huttunen 219-229
Jean Rouch: The semiotics of ethnographic film PDF
Irene Portis-Winner 230-240
The ideological aspect of intersemiotic translation and montage PDF
Peeter Torop 241-265
Приватизация бунта: “вторая жизнь” раннесоветского монтажа [Privatization of a riot: “Second life” of the early Soviet montage] PDF
Илья [Ilya] Кукулин [Kukulin] 266-311
Lotman’s epistemology: Analogy, culture, world PDF
Laura Gherlone 312-338
The place of language among sign systems: Juri Lotman and Émile Benveniste PDF
Remo Gramigna 339-354
On the dynamics of culture PDF
Juri Lotman 355-370
Canonical art as informational paradox PDF
Juri Lotman 371-377

Reviews and Notes

Autocommunication in semiotic systems: 40 years after the Theses on the Semiotic Study of Cultures (Tartu Summer School in Semiotics 2013) PDF
Anti Randviir 378-382