Vol 40, No 3/4 (2012)

Special Issue: Semiotics of Translation and Cultural Mediation

Guest editors: Elin Sütiste, Terje Loogus, Maarja Saldre

Table of Contents

Preface. On the paths of translation semiotics with Peeter Torop PDF
Elin Sütiste 269-278
Translation and semiotic mediation PDF
Winfried Nöth 279-298
Semiotico-translation-theoretical reverberations revisited PDF
Ritva Hartama-Heinonen 299-318
Challenging identity: Lotman's "translation of the untranslatable" and Derrida's différance PDF
Daniele Monticelli 319-339
Goethe's glosses to translation PDF
Dinda L. Gorlée 340-368
Culture-related decision conflicts in the translation process PDF
Terje Loogus 369-384
The cultural mediational dynamics of literary intertexts: An approach to the problem of generative and transformational dynamics PDF
Katalin Kroó 385-404
The history of humanities as reflected in the evolution of K. Vaginov's novels PDF
Ekaterina Velmezova 405-431
The image of neighbours: Latvian and Lithuanian literature in Estonia PDF
Anneli Mihkelev 432-446
Equiprosodic translation method in Estonian poetry PDF
Maria-Kristiina Lotman 447-472
On the semiotic description of autogenesis in culture PDF
Tomi Huttunen 473-483
The mythopoetical model and logic of the concrete in Quechua culture: Cultural and transcultural translation problems PDF
Ileana Almeida, Julieta Haidar 484-513
The city as a mediating device and as a symbol in Finnish poetry of the 1960s PDF
Harri Veivo 514-528
Theses about the poietic principle of metonymy PDF
Aare Pilv 529-546
Semiotics of mediation. Theses PDF
Peeter Torop 547-556

Reviews and Notes

Peeter Torop for Italian science of translation PDF
Bruno Osimo 557-572