Vol 40, No 1/2 (2012)

Special Issue: Semiotics of Verse

Guest editors: Mihhail Lotman, Maria-Kristiina Lotman

Table of Contents

Editors' preface PDF
Mihhail Lotman, Maria-Kristiina Lotman 9-17
Verse as a semiotic system PDF
Mihhail Lotman 18-51
Some aspects of poetic rhythm: An essay in cognitive metrics PDF
Eva Lilja 52-64
Rhythm and meaning: "Rhythmical deviations" as italics PDF
Marina Tarlinskaja 65-81
Synonymy and rank in alliterative poetry PDF
Jonathan Roper 82-93
The derivatives of hexameter in Estonian poetry and their link with the traditional hexameter PDF
Maria-Kristiina Lotman, Mihhail Lotman 94-120
Lexicon and rhetoric in Fet's translation of Goethe's Hermann und Dorothea PDF
Emily Klenin 121-154
Notes on the metrical semantics of Russian, French and German imitations of Janus Secundus’s Basium II PDF
Igor Pilshchikov 155-176
Verse semantics of some metres in Uku Masing's poetry PDF
Aile Tooming 177-191
Metre and meaning in two poems by Ilpo Tiihonen PDF
Satu Grünthal 192-210
Maximilian Voloshin's classical metres PDF
Igor Karlovsky 211-230
On the functions of metrical dualism in M. Tsvetayeva's verse on the basis on the poem "How perfectly deceitful life is …." (1922) PDF
Vadim Semenov 231-243
Quasi-trochees in Nabokov's prose PDF
Grigori Utgof 244-259