Vol 38, No 1/4 (2010)

Special Issue: Semiotics of Resemblance

Table of Contents

Introduction PDF
Timo Maran, Ester Võsu 9-17
From mimicry to mime by way of mimesis: Reflections on a general theory of iconicity PDF
Göran Sonesson 18-66
Analogical associations in the frame of a “neoclassical” semiotic theory PDF
Guido Ferraro 67-90
Resemblance: From a complementarity point of view? PDF
Floyd Merrell 91-129
Metaphorical analogies in approaches of Victor Turner and Erving Goffman: Dramaturgy in social interaction and dramas of social life PDF
Ester Võsu 130-166
Resemblance and camouflage in Graeco-Roman antiquity PDF
Massimo Leone 167-185
Semiotics of mimesis and communicative relationship among texts: Ekphrasis and replication between Hesiod and Homer PDF
Paola Ghione 186-209
An owl and a mirror: On Bosch’s visual motif’s meaning PDF
Jelena Melnikova-Grigorjeva, Olga Bogdanova 210-241
Mutual mimesis of nature and culture: A representational perspective for eco-cultural metamorphosis PDF
Farouk Y. Seif 242-269
Dynamic instances of interaction: The performative function of iconicity in literary texts PDF
Christina Ljungberg 270-297
Cross-modal iconicity: A cognitive semiotic approach to sound symbolism PDF
Felix Ahlner, Jordan Zlatev 298-348
Semiotic modeling of mimicry with reference to brood parasitism PDF
Timo Maran 349-377
Re-semblance and re-evolution: Paramorphism and semiotic co-option may explain the re-evolution of similar phenotypes PDF
Karel Kleisner 378-392