Sign Systems Studies

An international journal of semiotics and sign processes in culture and living nature.

The journal Sign Systems Studies was established in 1964 by Juri Lotman (initially as Труды по знаковым системам - Σημειωτικη), and is thus the oldest international semiotic periodical. Originally (until 1992) a Russian-language series, it is now published in English, and has become a central institution in the semiotics of culture.

Starting from 1998, Sign Systems Studies is published as an international peer-reviewed journal on the semiotics of culture and nature. Issued regularly, one volume per year, it is indexed in major scientific databases. Since 2009, each volume includes four issues.

Periodicity: one volume (four issues) per year.
Official languages: English and Russian, Estonian for abstracts.

Kalevi Kull,  Peeter Torop,  Mihhail Lotman,
Timo Maran,  Silvi Salupere,  Ene-Reet Soovik, Remo Gramigna

Editorial board:
Myrdene Anderson (Purdue, USA)
Paul Cobley (London, UK)
Marcel Danesi (Toronto, Canada)
John Deely (Houston, USA)
Umberto Eco  (Bologna, Italy)
Vyacheslav V. Ivanov (LA, USA,
and Moscow, Russia)
Gunther Kress (London, UK)
Julia Kristeva (Paris, France)

Jesper Hoffmeyer (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Roland Posner (Berlin, Germany)
Frederik Stjernfelt (Aarhus, Denmark)
Eero Tarasti (Helsinki, Finland)
Winfried Nöth (Kassel, Germany,
and Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Boris Uspenskij (Napoli, Italy)
Jaan Valsiner (Worcester, USA)

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PRINT ISSN 1406-4243
ONLINE ISSN 1736-7409

Vol 43, No 4 (2015): Special issue: Peirce's Theory of Signs

Guest editor: Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen

Table of Contents

Signs systematically studied: Invitation to Peirce’s theory PDF
Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen 372-398
Exploring Peirce’s speculative grammar: The immediate object of a sign PDF
Francesco Bellucci 399-418
C. S. Peirce on the dynamic object of a sign: From ontology to semiotics and back PDF
Helmut Pape 419-437
Triadism and processuality PDF
Juuso-Ville Gustafsson 438-445
The semiotic life cycle and The Symbolic Species PDF
Tyler James Bennett 446-462
The highest branch of logic? On a neglected question of speculative rhetoric PDF
Mats Bergman 463-482
The role of emotional interpretants in Peirce’s theory of belief and doubt PDF
Jean-Marie Chevalier 483-500
Emotional interpretants and ethical inquiry PDF
Henrik Rydenfelt 501-517
Blocking evil infinites: A note on a note on a Peircean strategy PDF
Frederik Stjernfelt 518-522
A less simplistic metaphysics: Peirce’s layered theory of meaning as a layered theory of being PDF
Marc Champagne 523-559
Being in the world PDF
Nathan Houser 560-575
Some perplexities about Peirce’s “skeleton ideas” PDF
Benoit Gaultier 576-583
Sign theory at work: The mental imagery debate revisited PDF
Jelena Issajeva 584-596
Is Euler’s circle a symbol or an icon? PDF
Amirouche Moktefi 597-615
Recent studies on signs: Commentary and perspectives PDF
Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen 616-650

From archive

Division of signs PDF
Charles S. Peirce 651-662